Introducing the new SolveXia SQL Editor

SolveXia has long had the ability to create and edit SQL steps in processes so you may already be familiar with how it looks in its current form.

As you can see in the image below, in the current form, users must manually type in their query below to run their process.

Current SQL Editor

Current SQL Editor

This editor has not changed substantially for 7 years. Whilst it has served us well, this legacy interface has become dated and now requires some love ❤️ and attention.

Drive to enhance our user interface

This has initiated a drive to modernize the whole user experience in the SolveXia application.

New Subscriber View

New Subscriber View

As part of undertaking this enhancement, we have introduced many changes under the hood in the form of a more comprehensive API and a slicker, more modern user interface experience that operates on many more devices and with most modern browsers.

Based on the positive feedback to the improved user experience in the Subscriber View, we embarked on the mammoth task of replacing the user interface for Process Designer users.

Where to start?

The SolveXia Process Designer View contains hundreds of functions to help our clients achieve their process automation goals.

In an ideal world, we would simply switch all clients to the new user interface in one step. However, given our clients rely on our product to handle many of their day-to-day tasks, we feel it would not be wise to simply switch over without getting gradual feedback on the key changes we plan to make.

We have therefore adopted the strategy of transforming the SolveXia Process Designer View in stages, starting with an improved and more modern version of the SQL Editor.

The new SQL Editor

We will soon be providing you with access to the new SQL editor. Here is some information on when and how it can be used:

Scope of the editor

Though we have a number of step types in SolveXia which provide the ability to edit SQL code, in our first release. we will be limiting the new SQL Editor to the following step types:

    • Run Query
    • Select to Access
    • Select to Excel
    • Select to Text

We plan to then make the new editor available to all SQL-related steps in subsequent releases of the system.

How to access the new editor

Your first experience of the New SQL Editor will only appear in the step types mentioned above via the “View/Edit SQL” link as shown below.

how to access the new editor

This will open a new browser window where you can now edit your query using the new SQL Editor interface as shown below:
new SQL Editor interface


Query preview

One of the features most users of the SQL editor requested was to allow users to preview the results of their query without having to go through the drudgery of …

  • Creating “Select to Text” step type
  • Writing an SQL query
  • Saving the SQL query
  • Running the step
  • Download text file and analyse results
  • Repeat above if your results are not correct

The new Preview capability allows you to check a limited number of results within the editor and modify your query accordingly before saving it and running it as a step. To preview the results of a query you have created, simply click on the    button as shown below.

preview the results of a query


We have also added IntelliSense to the SQL Editor to allow users to quickly add tables and field names to their queries and ensure that the spelling of these names in their queries is accurate.
We hope that this will improve the speed and accuracy of queries written by Designers.

Syntax highlighting

The readability of the SQL code is critical to the maintenance of large queries. Syntax highlighting aids Process Designers by showing different elements of queries in different colours. This makes errors easier to spot.


We hope you enjoy the new SQL Editor experience! The story of the new editor does not end here and, based on your feedback, we plan to enhance it further. So please drop us a note or give us a call to let us know what you think of it.

We are well down the road to improving the entire SolveXia Process Designer interface. The SQL Editor is one of the pieces in our pursuit of Automation Awesomeness 😃.

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