From the lab: Connecting SolveXia to internal systems and websites

While SolveXia is great for automating finance processes and manipulating data in all shapes and sizes, some processes require interaction with internal systems (like SAP, Oracle etc.) and websites. This can sometimes be a challenge if you are using the hosted version of SolveXia – while the other systems sit within your corporate IT boundaries.
To help extend SolveXia’s reach, we have been experimenting with the use of scripts and bots (i.e. RPA and desktop automation tools) in tandem with SolveXia. 

How it works

The SolveXia hosted service communicates (1) with the script or bot that is set up on your local network (2). The script or bot then interacts with your internal systems and websites (3):
This method can be used to move data between SolveXia and your internal systems. Furthermore, the script or bot can trigger the running of your SolveXia process.


Play the video below to see how we use a bot to collect data from a website – a list of delisted stock codes – and then upload that data into SolveXia where it is combined with a file containing the stocks owned by superannuation account holders. The end result is a report showing which super accounts own stocks that have recently delisted (and therefore need to be reviewed):

Other simple examples of how this can be used include:
  • Running reports out of SAP and then loading these into the SolveXia process.
  • Posting journals to your GL after a SolveXia process completes.
  • Looking up data on government websites – such as checking a list of vehicle registration numbers to see if any of them have not paid their registration fee.
  • Monitoring a shared drive for receipt of a file and then uploading the files to SolveXia for processing.
  • Monitoring an email inbox and then uploading the attachments from any received emails into SolveXia.
  • Extracting data from SolveXia and loading it into internal systems such as actuarial projection systems. 

Getting started

If you think that this can help unlock new processes for automation or enhance your existing processes, we would love to hear from you. Simply send an email to
We can help you identify the best and easiest method – whether it be a simple script (e.g. written in Python) or the use of an RPA or desktop automation tool (many customers already have existing desktop automation tools with which we could potentially work).
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