Process automation tops business investment priorities in 2012-2013

Deloitte’s Midmarket Perspectives report reveals that midsize companies are looking to business process automation, analytics, and cloud computing technologies to improve productivity, revenue growth, and operating margins. Below are two important excerpts from this article, a graph depicting the priority of different technology investments – and a quote from the article that summarises the key findings.

Nearly 60 percent of executives surveyed for the Deloitte report ranked technology as having the greatest potential to increase productivity at their company. When asked which technology investments their firms were most apt to make in 2012 to increase productivity, business process automation ranked first, cited by 46 percent of respondents. Analytics/business intelligence ranked second, with 41 percent of respondents saying it was a top priority. Cloud computing/SaaS ran a close third, at nearly 40 percent.

You can find the complete article at CIO journal here.

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  • Ross

    That is very surprising to me. I feel like the buzz everywhere is Cloud computing. The reduction in overhead cost alone would help price reduction and promote growth

  • James

    There certainly is a lot of “buzz” about cloud computing – however there is also a difference between what the IT media report and what CIO’s and CTO’s really worry about 🙂 I think it is clear that cost containment and reduction are top priorities – and we find that automation and cloud computing are both important components of a cost-management strategy.

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