Process automation – What CIOs ask

14 questions that the best CIO’s ask and answer when transforming their businesses with process automation

In the current economic and regulatory environment, there is significant pressure on today’s CIO to not only keep the business running within an allocated budget, but to actively transform a business through the smart deployment of technology.

The types of transformation that boards, shareholders, customers and employees want to see are difficult: They want to see costs contained. They want to see per transaction costs reduced. They want to see increased responsiveness, and increased ability to adapt to change. They want to see greater predictability and less risk. And they want it quickly, and within existing IT budgets.

This sounds like an impossible mission, however some CIOs are managing to achieve part or all of this transformation – through business process automation. These CIOs are not only making their businesses better, they are establishing themselves as a rare breed of transformational executive that can make long lasting impactful changes in difficult times.

The field of business process automation is not new. Niche industry solutions with acronyms such as “BPM” (business process management) “BPA” (business process automation) and “BPO” (business process outsourcing) have all introduced thinking and tools to help the transformative CIO make an impact. The resurgence in interest in automating business processes, combined with recent technology innovations, has created new opportunities and possibilities for the CIO that is seeking to transform the business that they support. This increase in opportunity however comes with a greater number of choices and decisions to be made along the way.

SolveXia has developed the following white paper to help executives ask the right questions when introducing or revamping process automation within an organisation. In this paper, there are 14 key considerations for CIOs when automating processes to improve productivity. We also focus on what CIOs should ask of their organisations, when developing an agenda for process automation.

From our experience and daily interactions with CIOs of some of Australia’s largest corporates, we are witnessing more and more the need for business process automation, but equally so the confusion and lack of direction and knowledge CIOs have when it comes to effectively automating processes. On the one hand, they recognise process automation as an effective way to control costs, as well as a way to equip their business with a basis for growth, but where to start is the question many CIOs ask themselves.

Our insights are based on our experiences working with client companies across a number of industries, including banking, insurance, travel and logistics, and our daily discussions with IT leaders. Here we identify and explain the issues that the most successful executives and organisations face and need to focus on.

Read the full SolveXia Process Automation – What the best CIOs Ask White Paper

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