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July 12, 2019
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With the upcoming release of our new Process Designer interface, here are answers to important questions that you may have:

Important: If you are a Subscriber user (i.e. someone who just runs processes but does not build or maintain them), you will not see any changes - this will only impact Process Designers.

Do I need to install any new software?

Not at all. SolveXia will continue to run in your internet browser. The new Process Designer interface utilises modern and standard HTML5 technologies that should work without needing any configuration on your end.

Can I continue to access SolveXia the same way (URL, user credentials etc.)?


Will I need to change my processes?

No. Your processes will run in the same way as they always have.

Will my data change?

No. Data you have loaded into SolveXia including files, processes and data in Managed Tables will NOT be impacted.

Do I need to reach out to my IT?

No. Assuming you can access and use SolveXia today, this should work as before.

Will my internet browser be supported?

The new Process Designer supports modern browsers including Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

Do I need training to learn the new system?

If you already build and maintain processes in SolveXia, the learning curve for the new interface should be minimal. The new Process Designer is (deliberately) very similar to the legacy version of the software. However, some controls have been moved to make the system easier to use for new Process Designers. To help existing users become familiar with the changes, we will provide our customers with a free, 30-min introduction to the new interface. We are also updating our help material and self-help tutorials for the new interface.

Are there any major changes that I should be aware of?

Whilst the new interface will be very familiar for existing users, there are some exciting new features (outlined here) and the few changes mentioned above (see here). We recommend reading these posts to learn more.

Can I still use the old version of SolveXia?

No, you will not be able to use the old version after we deploy the new version.

What should I do if I have any issues or feedback related to the new Process Designer?

Please email us at or call us on +61 2 9386 0202.


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