How SolveXia Solves All Your Data Automation Challenges

February 2, 2024
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Choosing the right data automation software is an imperative task for any business that wants to remain efficient in an ever-changing and evolving competitive landscape. Human analytical financial software solutions are saving departments, especially finance teams, an immense amount of time and energy, while also serving to reduce compliance risk through safe data storage, transfer, accuracy and more.

SolveXia offers a robust and cost-effective solution to help businesses in an array of industries around the world to function more efficiently and strategically. Although the system is designed to manage high-value and complicated tasks, it is made to be easy to use so that anyone within an organisation can take advantage of everything the tool has to offer.

Here, we will look at some of the most common challenges facing businesses today and see how SolveXia’s system is designed to resolve them.

Challenge 1: Disconnected & Unsecured Data - solved by Scalable & Secure Data Warehousing

There’s no doubt that businesses are collecting more data from their customers. Now more than ever, it’s essential to protect data from breaches and security hacks, especially when everything becomes centralised. Not only can SolveXia help to connect data systems, including legacy systems, but the platform also offers secure data warehousing.

Users can upload and sync data from multiple sources so that they can be connected and used to create insights. Data can be combined and manipulated to produce informative models and projections. With the integration of all applications, data, legacy systems, RPA tools, and AI services, SolveXia provides end-to-end automation capabilities. By eliminating disconnected and fragmented data, your employees across all business functions are enabled to easily connect, explore and understand massive datasets and all their data tools to make better-informed business decisions.

Furthermore, SolveXia’s system is safe. The secure platform provides bank-grade security to store and is approved and used by some of the largest financial institutions in the world.

Challenge 2: Lack of Visibility of Data - solved by Real-Time Analytics & Reporting

Data is only useful when it can be managed and used. Many companies collect data that doesn’t serve a purpose because it’s uncleansed or hard to manipulate for analysis. Without key insights and reports to view data as an overview, it won’t serve a purpose. But, SolveXia solves this by cleansing the data and offering real-time analytics and reports that can be pulled at any time.

Data once required highly trained analysts to be able to read and understand the numbers and information. But, with SolveXia, anyone can now run automated reports and collect, cleanse, map, validate, calculate, store, analyse, model and report financial data to the necessary recipients.

SolveXia runs automated processes and sends an email to the designated team member or decision-maker to approve, reject or add notes. Then, the data is automatically shared with whoever is input in the system to receive the reports, whether they are internal or external stakeholders.

The comprehensive analysis creates final projects and forecasts so that you can make use of the data within all your systems. SolveXia will enable you with more clarity to how business is operating than ever before and give you the ability to run trend analysis and share reports.

Challenge 3: Resources, Processes & Bottlenecks solved by Automating Processes to Save time

There are a lot of automated solutions that work best for low-value repetitive back-office tasks through Macros, scripts, IT project and robotic process automation (RPA). These RPA tools help to save time and relieve the monotonous tasks that humans may be wasting their time on, but they don’t provide your team with insights for decision-making. This means that bottlenecks and processes still get held up because experts and highly trained analysts are required to help take the business to the next step.

SolveXia is a faster and easier way to automate than any other type of automation tool and goes beyond back-office automation to reduce bottlenecks between departments and empower managers to accomplish more with less. Instead of spending time creating and manipulating spreadsheets, automation will do the repetitive work so that your human resources can devote that time interpreting reports and projections. Plus, you don’t need an IT department to set up processes within SolveXia. You can design your own through the pre-built library of functions and watch the system execute the tasks in real-time with colour-coded blocks that show the current status. If an error does occur, the process block will become highlighted in red to call your attention so that you can efficiently resolve the issue within seconds so that nothing holds up the process.

Furthermore, automation works 24/7 and can help businesses be up to 10x more efficient. Your talented staff will be freed from tedious, monotonous tasks, empowering them to make decisions and execute high-value tasks of impact. Therefore, they will feel more fulfilled, and employee retention will likely increase as another beneficial side effect.

Challenge 4: Compliance Risk solved by Data and Audit Trails

Compliance risk faces every business. Whether it’s market risk, data security risk or otherwise, the lack of compliance with rules and regulations can cause financial damage to your business if not taken seriously. With more accessible data, you may worry that compliance risk would increase. However, SolveXia provides data governance across all departments, as well as historically tracking the system’s usage, so that audit trails automatically recorded and are easily viewed and shared.

When a process is run, everything is stored, and the historical data is locked. Regulators, auditors and internal compliance teams can easily access these data trails. Additionally, the use of automation frees up the time of employees and compliance teams to be able to monitor and edit processes to keep up with changing laws and implement more compliance controls and checks. Lastly, with more accurate data, compliance risk is automatically lowered as data calculations are always correct.

Challenge 5: Team Collaboration & Onboarding solved by Easy Collaboration and Intuitive System

Software systems can be overwhelming to integrate and setup. Some require trained IT teams to create, implement and train staff for its usage. Not only does this require staff buy-in to collaborate between organisations, but if not everyone is on the same page, then the software can create its bottlenecks.

SolveXia is built and designed to be easy-to-use and naturally collaborative. All data is stored securely on the cloud, and you can easily share this data between departments across software systems. Instead of staff spending time behind spreadsheets, they are freed up to communicate and collaborate with other departments and business leaders. Also, you can rest assured knowing that only the relevant parties can access the data as you set controls on who can see what, thereby monitoring all your critical processes.

The easy-to-use and intuitive software system are maximised by a quick onboarding process and 24/7, friendly and reliable support.

The Bottom Line

SolveXia is more than an automation tool. It’s a human analytical automation tool that frees up your employees’ time so that they can focus their energy on the bigger picture and have the necessary information to make informed business decisions. The tool’s automation connects data from disparate systems to offer a unified view of valuable information in the form of reports, analytics, forecasting and models.

The system can be manipulated to complete whatever process you deem necessary and opens up lines of communication between departments. Additionally, SolveXia will help to reduce compliance risk and provide regulators with whatever data they may require promptly.

Gone are the days where you rely on one employee to do a highly valuable task. Say hello to a collaborative and secure work environment for your entire organisation. Say hello to SolveXia.


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